Maybe you are reading this article with your mobile device already? Great. Then this article might be boring for you. Otherwise you will discover some interesting updates.

This blog is mobile accessible for quite a while now. For a few weeks we widend the mobile accessibility by an app to read the blog. The best thing about it from my point of view: the push notifications. Every time (at the moment twice a week) you receive a message on your phone (if you want). Then you can always read the newest blogposts from all over the world on your way to university, work or wherever you go.

Since it was my task to develop the app with blappsta I am very curious how many of you will be downloading the app.

Here you go (scan or click on the qr codes):



Pia Stender

Pia Stender

I work for Continental since mid of july 2013. It´s my job and my pleasure to keep all interested users informed about career-tasks at Continental on our website, on facebook or other online media. Here I´m writing as an employee with work experience.

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