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It is excitement and enthusiasm you feel from the entrance of the exhibit halls at the Tokyo Big Site. The 44th Tokyo Motor Show started on October 28th with the press briefing event.

Helmut Matschi at Tokyo Motor Show

It was on the second day I visited TMS 2015, still a press day for the first half and I was able to listen to our executive board members Helmut Matschi giving press briefing at our Continental booth. Surrounded by a huge press crowd  he explained our strength to realize automated driving as a solution to our Japanese OEM customers focusing on the product development of Human Machine Interface. This will enable a car and humans to communicate effectively and seamlessly in an automated driving car. I was impressed and could observe how the automated driving technology attracts the press as well as people in Japan.

There were many suppliers and car makers present and that put a lot of focus on the automated driving technology and its development for the near future.

This is the reason why the motor show is so exciting that developers and manufacturers in the automotive industry go head-to-head to create something that does not exist in our society yet. The implementation, however, goes step by step. Automated driving is full of dreams and the hope of zero accidents! For me it means a lot to create the zero accident world and I am glad to be a member of Continental taking a huge part in this effort.

I am happy that over the days many people visited our booth to take a peek at the future mobility that we are aiming at!


Yu Nobukuni

Yu Nobukuni

I joined Continental Japan in September 2014 as a Corporate HR Graduate trainee. After finishing the trainee program, I am currently in Talent Management & Organizational Development team and Business Partner HR. Continental has given me a great opportunity to acquire hands-on experience from the very beginning and develop my professional skills.

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