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My name is Lukas Filser and I’m 24. I study industrial engineering at Deggendorf Institute of Technology in Germany and have been a member of the ProMotion program at Continental since April 2013.

To gain overseas experience and to see something of the world – as well as to improve my English – I did my student internship at Dunlop Oil & Marine Ltd in the seaport town of Grimsby in northeast England. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of oil and marine hose systems worldwide and has been part of ContiTech AG since 2012.


A large part of my internship involved programing Excel tools with VBA. Although at the start I was completely new to this area, I was able to improve my knowledge greatly through “learning by doing.” By the end of my internship, I was able to solve complex problems that would have left me stumped at the beginning. Toward the end of my internship, a colleague joked: “We’re going to make a programmer out of you, after all!”

What impressed me most was the trust and confidence they showed in me as an intern. I was able to approach projects in my own way and according to my own ideas. I could always rely on my colleagues for help if I got stuck.


The student internship was not just work related. The company wanted me to get to know the country and provided me with a rental car to go out and discover England at the weekends.

I enjoyed the time so much that I’m happy to be able to do another internship abroad this summer through the ProMotion program. This time it’ll be a little further afield: Cuautla in Mexico!

In addition to internships abroad, I always look forward very much to the various ProMotion events. Visiting the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt, geocaching team building events in Berlin, a test drive with an electric car, and workshops on project management or job search training help further both your career and personal development. And they’re great fun too!



Lukas Filser

Lukas Filser

My first encounter with Continental was in 2012, when I did an internship in Regensburg, Germany. Afterwards I was invited to join the student binding program ProMotion, which offers great opportunities and events for students. I have also been able to experience Continental as a global company during an internship at ContiTech in Grimsby, United Kingdom and my current internship in Cuautla, Mexico. In the moment I am very curious about how my future path with Continental will evolve!

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