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For the ones who do not know Vergölst: the company Vergölst is a German ContiTrade organization operating more than 190 branches with workshops for tires and automotive services and we are part of Continental. With more than 1,600 employees and about 200 vocational trainees all around Germany, vocational training is one of our strategically relevant measures to tackle the future scarcity of skilled work.

We decided it was time to show the world, and especially the younger generations, how it looks like to work with us and to start a vocational training in one of our branches. With 6 current and former vocational trainees we have shot videos about the daily work and the trainees themselves to give an impression about our vocational training program. I do not want to bore you with the facts, but I want to give you some impressions about the video shooting and how it felt to be part of the production of a professional video film.VERGO¦êLST-_MG_5396-MAKING-OF

The first thing when we met with our 6 vocational trainees to prepare for the video shooting was the question: “Why did you choose me for the film?”. The HR department was not conducting a casting, even though it would have been fun, but the answer was actually pretty simple. We wanted to have authentic people who like to work for Vergölst and who like their jobs. Next to it, we decided it makes sense to value those vocational trainees who also work hard to get good grades in school. For the shooting we did not want to have actors, saying prescripted sentences. We wanted to show the real work and the real life of a vocational trainee in the branch all around Germany.

When we started shooting the film, the first 15 minutes were pretty chaotic, due to the many curious views from colleagues and also some customers who wanted to see a real video shooting. Also in the beginning our trainees were a bit nervous because no one did have a camera training. However that was not necessary! After we send most curious viewers away and gave the trainees real tasks on cars like a service check or a wheel and axial measurement service. The trainees started to feel comfortable in doing what they were used to do in their daily work. After a few hours of video shooting, the team in the workshop, the camera team and the trainees smoothened up and were working together, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

For the trainees, even though they came from totally different parts in Germany (Bavaria to the Coast) working and shooting together became very easy due to one similarity all shared: Being part of the Vergölst family.

But see yourself:

Vergo¦êlst-_MG_5323-Reportage-S   Vergo¦êlst-_MG_4876-Reportage-S   VERGO¦êLST-_MG_5627-MAKING-OF

From my perspective as the responsible for vocational training at Vergölst, I think it was the right choice to not present some acting people in a fake workshop, but to show what it is like to work for Vergölst in reality.

Also let me use the chance to thank all of the participants of the video shooting, it was nice and a great experience!

As soon as the video is uploaded we will let you know through our online channels!


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Andre Stark

Andre Stark

My Name is Andre Stark and I am with Continental since 2008. Since January 2015, I am responsible for HR within Vergoelst GmbH (also a company of Continental).

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