The day before the annual convention

Finally, the last day came before nothing could change and the annual convention would start. All trainees of Vergölst together with technicians have built up the set.

Second hall for the Wissensrallye
Second hall for the Wissensrallye

While some were building up the set, my task with my boss Mr. Liebsch was to practice the Wissensrallye instructions for the last time. Thankfully my boss could give me some tips and this made me feel more confident and excited. I was also prepared for the case of emergency, if it happened.

After the speakers (the management) have practiced their speech, the rehearsal went on for the rest of us. As I said the first sentence  I immediately realized that I was too excited, but fortunately this disappered soon. The „test persons“ followed my instructions and passed the  first question in their teams and started to play! It was the first time that we could see our Wissensrallye live and it was a lot of fun to watch the teams discussed the questions :-D.

After the rehearsal, late that evening, the speaker and unfortunately me as well had to improve our speeches. This made the day beforer the annual convention very long.

The day of the annual convention

At 9 a.m., all helpers were present and more or less well-rested :-D. About two hours later the first participants arrived and the last details were implemented and as all the time there were further things to organize, I forgot to read and practice my instructions part.

After lunch the openning speeches of the management about the fiscal year 2013 began. The annual convention had the slogan “Ready for the future?!” The question should be answered at the end. In the afternoon it was my turn to give the explanation for the  Wissensrallye.

After my boss called my name, my part began. Already soon after my first sentences pepped with a hint of humor, the whole audience responded with laugh and joy. This was a sign for me that I hit the bull’s eye and nothing could go wrong any more. The next minutes of my explanation went smoothly – a structured explanation with humour.

During my explanation in front oft he audience
During my explanation in front oft he audience

After finishing I started to shiver: Was it clear? Do they understand?… . Then the teams went to their start questions – and it worked! Then the Wissensrallye started with a loud signal. We played in three different halls and to coordinate all 60 (!) teams was a virtue. “Obervers” from the event agency and my colleague Mr. Petry were on the spot.

The first rounds of the Wissensrallye were hard , but the next rounds went very well as the participants became more and more familiar with the game. About two hours later every team has answered all 48 questions. The winner was the team with the shortest time to answer all 48 questions correctly.

The teams are playing the Wissensrallye in the second hall
The teams are playing the Wissensrallye in the second hall

During the evaluation of the team backstage, the second part of the speeches began. The result of the speeches was that Vergölst is ready for the future!

All were curious who would win the great awards.

You know the awards, right? Not? Here the list! :-).

  • 1st – Every team member got an iPad Air
  • 2nd– Every team member got an iPad Mini
  • 3rd – Every team member got an Lenovo Yoga 8

The excitement was growing until the winners were announced. The winner of the first Vergölst Wissensrallye 2014 was the Team 50 with an excellent time of 16:45 minutes! Congratulation!

After a big applause for the winners, shuttle buses brought us to the evening event, where we celebrated all together :-).

A big THANK YOU to all helper, without you this would not have been possible! 🙂

Marco Gerstenberg

Marco Gerstenberg

I started working for Vergölst/Continental as a participant of a dual study program business administration in Hanover, Germany, in August 2013. Vergölst is assigned to ContiTrade and is a trading company for tire and car services with more than 300 branches in Germany. It is very special for me to be a blogger and I'm excited to give you some impressions of my work. If there is something I want to share with you, I'll let you know! :-)

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