We were pleased to welcome Jan-Hendrik Caspers on the Sarreguemines Plant from 3rd to 7th July 2017. Jan is 23 years old, he lives in Hämelerwald, a small village near Hanover. He has a certificate in car mechanics. He is keen on cars, electrical processes and IT.

Why did you volunteer to participate in the We Love Europe project?

I decided to join this program because Continental offered me the opportunity to discover a new country & new experiences within an automotive background. I was very excited to take part in the project. I also thought that it would be interesting to discover new jobs while travelling to several locations.

“I never visited France before. It was a great experience and I’m looking forward to coming back soon”

Tell us about your immersion in France in the Sarreguemines site?

It was great! Unfortunately we only stayed there for a week. We visited the tire plant, the maintenance department and the fire station to learn more about safety. The most interesting part was the immersion in the IT-Department with the 3D-Printer and the server room. Also there were a lot of nice evening activities planned for us like karting, bowling, a football game and more generally the discovery of the region.

What did you know about Continental before your immersion?

Before we had the workshop back then in Germany, I knew that they produce tires and some automotive parts. I also knew that they were a global company with a long history.

What will you remember from this experience?

All the friendly and cooperative people I met on my journey as well as the work itself.

Have you learnt any words or expressions in French? Which ones?

Je comprends plus que je parle mais je vais améliorer mon français! (I can understand more of the language than I can speak but I would like to improve my French)

 Do you have an anecdote you will remember from your immersion in France?

The first evening we went out, we had a conversation and some of the French guys switched to their language and when they got back to English they invented a new word: fünnie!

Thank you, Jan, for sharing your experiences with us!

Celine Lauvernet

Celine Lauvernet

Employer Branding Manager for Continental France

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