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Hey there, my name is Sam Auffenberg, I am currently 18 years old, living in a tiny village near Regensburg and I participated in the ‘We l.o.v.e. Europe – Europe without Borders’ program.

The first part of my trip brought me and my travel companion Nicole to Vienna, situated in the Heart of Europe along the Danube River, known for classical music, the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, beautiful castles and palaces, and a good quality of life.

We were warmly welcomed at the Vienna train station on Sunday 27th of August after our three and a half hour train ride. After our arrival we went to the city center by subway to get a small glance into Vienna and also to get some ice cream. After that we headed to our accommodations, I stayed with a lovely family and their dog a little outside of Vienna. Living with the host family was nice since they handled certain things differently than my family at home. This also showed me all these tiny little differences between German and Austrian culture.

The next day was my first day at Continental Vienna. Once I arrived I was also warmly welcomed and made plans with my local buddies for the week. I was then shown all around the Continental Vienna offices and brought to my work place in the Sales department.

My usual work day started at about 8 am and ended at 5 pm. It was full of meetings and I always got assigned certain tasks so I never felt bored. These tasks included preparing meetings and presentations, and preparing desks for new arriving colleagues. Also, meetings with different technical departments were arranged to give me further insights into the work at Continental.

After work I often went to the city center and did some shopping, shopping centers in Vienna are very large, or went out to get dinner with my buddies and colleagues, of course traditional Austrian food. In addition, I was lucky to be at Continental Vienna when they celebrated their annual ‘Summer and Sports’ event. The first part of the event was the sports part, where about 20 teams, consisting of 4 people, competed against each other in several fun games e.g. ‘Dreibein Lauf’ (Three-legged race) where two colleagues had to race a certain distance with one of their legs tied to each other. It was a very nice opportunity to meet new people working at Continental and the location was lovely with a wonderful view over all of Vienna.

The first week in Vienna was very nice and I really appreciated the nice atmosphere in the office. It has been a really great experience so far and I hope my next stop in Brașov will be as good as this one.

Theresa Wimmer

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