My name is Tim Schreiber and I’m participating in the We l.o.v.e Europe – Europe without borders program with Continental. I arrived in Budapest, Hungary, on the 5th of June by train.

The first Impression of arriving to Hungary was overwhelming because I didn’t really know what to expect, the only information I had from Budapest were a lot of pictures from the internet. I was really surprised that it really looks similar to Germany. After the arrival the atmosphere was very friendly, Kevin and myself felt almost like at home. We received a thorough overview about things like how to order a tasty pizza, where we can buy supplies and how we can use the public transportation to get to Continental as well.

On the first day at work we were welcomed like we’ve been a part of the company and got introduced to our team, to the program buddies and to our working place. We are working in the Customer Quality department where everyone speaks German. We also got a task from our boss to improve the German language skills of our buddies by constantly speaking with them in German.

After work we went to a shopping mall. It was bigger than the common shopping centers in Germany. We were afraid that we cannot make ourselves understood to the people but they sounded almost like natural English speakers.

The second day was an onboarding day when we received some information about the Continental plant at Budapest like safety advice and the production area, after that we visited it. The production area was big and looked really futuristic with robots like in StarWars and the production lines are really long. We got some insights on what they do and also some technical information.

In the afternoon after work we were invited for the football match of one of our buddies who plays in the team for Continental. Despite the fact the team of Continental lost the match they played really well and we felt the team spirit.

The country looks and feels very similar to Germany, the only exception is that Hungarian people seem to be more opened and friendlier than in Germany. That makes us think there is really no borders in the European Union.

This is only the beginning and I am curious to see what the next weeks will bring! After such an amazing first week we are looking forward for the challenges of next week and we are excited about the next trip to Romania.

If you would like to find more about the “We l.o.v.e. Europe” project, please have a look here.

Meral Michels

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