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My Name is Anna Khachiyan, I’m 22 years old and I had the chance to visit the Continental plants in France and Italy within the scope of the project “We l.o.v.e. Europe – Europe without borders.”

My first trip took me to France for two weeks. Three days before my trip, my host family called me and gave me information about my accommodation. When I arrived at the train station, the General Manager picked me up. I joined a carpool to get to the plant in the morning and returned by bus in the evening, since I was usually working until 5 p.m. In the plant, all my colleagues were very nice, so I settled in very easily. My tasks included, for example, editing photos, preparing overviews in Excel for meetings, and working on several documents. At the weekends, I was going out to dinner with my colleagues and we played bowling afterwards. Further, we also did some sightseeing in Lyon. Continental organized many activities for me, so I felt very comfortable. My last day was really great as my host family reserved a table for us in a Greek and Armenian restaurant for my birthday. We ate very well and heard Greek and Armenian music. My host family took good care of me.

After two weeks in France, I went to Italy by train. Here my new colleagues Giovanna and Patrick had a big surprise for me: a cake with candles for my birthday. From the first day on, the two of them were very friendly, nice and open-minded. I got along with them very well, so I felt really at home. The nature here is simply beautiful. The house was cozy and I had my own room and bathroom. Every day, we had dinner together and after the meal we did some language lessons in Greek and Italian. We were surprised how many words were similar – I enjoyed it a lot. Together with Giovanna and Patrick we organized a small trip to Thessaloniki. I have experienced a lot and really enjoyed the time!

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