Hello, my name is Kevin Pape and I´m participating in the We l.o.v.e. Europe – Europe without borders program within Continental. I arrived in Sibiu, Romania, on the 18th of June by train.

After a few problems on the way from Budapest to Sibiu I arrived safe with the help of a really nice student from Sibiu.

My Buddies waited for me at the railway station and welcomed me warmly.We had some dinner and then they have shown me the hotel and explained me the needed organizational aspects, e. g. where is the bus station, how I check the bus schedule, etc.


The first working day was full with greetings and was very well organized. First, I received the safety instructions and my access card. Soon after, I have met my team (the Facility department) who welcomed me very friendly. Then I had a plant presentation with my Godfather – Christian Klein and an R&D tour with my Buddies – Vasile Morcoase & Robert Moni. After all of this my first day here in Sibiu ends.

On the second day I could immediately start to work in my team. I had as a mentor the leader of the Service and Installation Technicians – Mr. Wotsch, who taught me a lot of things, such as cable moves and distributing outlets.

In the next days I got to see more and more of Continental and I started to understand more insights.

During my first weekend I went with my internship responsible – Georgiana Bradescu – to visit the biggest Village Museum in eastern of Europe. I have seen many old and traditional houses of Romanians. After that we had dinner a very good restaurant near the Museum.


On Sunday I was picked up in the morning and we went to see the Rasnov and Bran castles. It was very interesting to see both of them but the Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) was my favorite.

Afterwards we drove towards Transfagarasan – this is the most beautiful mountain road in Romania. I was at about 2000m height from where I could see the glacier lake.  On the mountain we have made a lot of beautiful pictures. The most amazing thing was a snow fight with my buddy because there was snow there even if it’s summer.

I will never forget the We l.o.v.e Europe  experience and I’m happy that I had the chance to stay in Budapest and here in Sibiu. It was a great time and I am glad to have met so many friendly and helpful people.



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