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My name is Nicole Hackl and I’m participating in the ‘We l.o.v.e Europe’ project. I am 18 years old. My journey to Vienna started on August the 27th by train. I stayed in a hostel in the city centre. My first thoughts about Vienna were: what an amazing and great city. I have compared the Bavarian and Austrian cultures and found out that there are no big differences between both countries. Since the first day I felt really at home at Continental Vienna, everyone was really nice to me.

My favorite occupation was accounting because I learned a lot about bookkeeping. Also, I learned to solder in the hardware section. I am interested in economics as well as in the technical aspect. I met new people and made a lot of new friends, which was really exciting. Everyone around me was really open and friendly. So it wasn’t a big deal to make new friends.

It was the first time in my life I worked fulltime (35 hours per week). This sounds really long but it didn’t feel like that. But the coolest thing was that I’ve had a lot of work experience and found out that I want to work in the economic and technical part in the future.

In my free time we went out for dinner a lot which was really great because I love food. I gained a good insight about the life in Vienna and Austria. That’s why I felt almost like a local. We had an activity every night which was planned by our local buddies. Also, I had the greatest local buddies because they made me feel like family. The most exciting activity was the visit to ‘Prater’ and the summer festival. On Thursday during the first week, there was a big summer party with all employees from all sections. I had so much fun. There, we formed teams of four people and had to master several little games. In the evening, there was a big dinner and we had a beautiful view from a hill over the whole of Vienna. It was just breath taking. Vienna also has a really great city centre. The ‘Stephansdom’ is very impressive. We had an inner city walk where we walked around the old town and visited a romantic park called ‘Volksgarten’. On Saturday I had a free day and I went to ‘Schloss Schönbrunn’ which is famous for the royal couple Sissi & Franz. It was so beautiful because of the impressive architecture from the Romantic period. There are so many cultures in Vienna and I learned a little bit more about my Jewish culture, especially the Jewish food. Vienna has a lot of restaurants and a beautiful landscape. I had the best time in these two weeks. It was really exciting.

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