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Hello, my name is Elena and I was a participant of the program “We l.o.v.e Europe- Europe without borders” at Continental. My journey started at the end of August in Regensburg when I went to Vienna by train. I used my first night to have a look around the city and was excited about the next morning.

I arrived at the train station in Timisoara (Romania) the next day in the evening and was accompanied by my local buddy on the way to the hotel, where I met another participant of the program, Dalia.

On the first training day with Continental Automotive the Travel management department was introduced to us and we already received our first tasks in supporting the workers with the business travels. At first, we had to insert a lot of data using certain programs to create lists. The next few days we got even more tasks, which became more and more interesting. It was exciting to see how many employees travel due to global business trips. It was a great experience for me personally to see how many employees travel to my own home town of Regensburg.

On Thursday we had the opportunity to look at the tire production with Continental Tires in Timisoara, which was very impressive. In the evenings we visited two shopping centers and the city where we went to different sights such as the rose garden.

As I have never been in Romania before, the first week was really exciting, even outside the time at Continental. We walked a lot by foot and therefore had the chance to get to know the different parts of the city – even easier than in Germany. It was great to see that the city is very green, particularly in the city center, with the roses typical of Timisoara.

One day we had the opportunity to visit all four buildings of Continental. So we could see the many, sometimes very different office departments. It became clear how strong the division of labour is and how important each task is, no matter how small it might seem.

At the end of the second week we could take on more important tasks in the office already, so we never got bored and we had the opportunity to learn a lot.


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