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Hello everybody,

my name is Emilly Lang, I am currently 19 years old and I just started studying economical engineering this September with Continental. Although I technically started working in September, I will initiate going to the DHBW Bad Mergentheim for the first time in December.

The most important things  for me in my daily work routine would basically be things like respectful interaction, appreciation and a pleasant work atmosphere. In my opinion, a positive work atmosphere and a well-positioned work environment also reflect on one’s own performance and well-being as an individual. It is also important, of course, to be able to work and grow by completing challenging tasks.
For my next three apprenticeship years, I would like to have an exciting workplace with a wide-variety of tasks, and preferably a lot of individual support, which would allow myself quite a bit of personal development. As well as interesting interdisciplinary work at the university. Furthermore, I would love to enjoy the diversity of the Continental Corporation to the fullest and experience not only theoretical but also practical aspects of commercial as well as the technical work life.

I think the commonly asked question “What do you want to experience jobwise?” is a very tough question, but from my point of view, everyone should be in charge of their own personal learning process and personal development. Due to my technical as well as commercial interest, I would like to see myself in a responsible and interesting position, which would enable myself to work on exciting and fascinating projects and products.

I hope five years from now, I will be finally done with my bachelor as well as my master’s degree. Furthermore I really want to see myself working and traveling a lot, mainly in the English-speaking countries. I would love to help with technical, commercial and customer-oriented problem solving.


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