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We were pinched for time and had a lot of work to do the last year. Many good changes have already happened at our plant in Camaçari (Brazil) and everyone is interested in making our plant even a better place to work, with quality and happinessA butterfly with the passion to win

I was walking through the hall to my office when I saw a big butterfly landing on an exposed commercial vehicle tire. I just could not ignore this. I ran to my office, picked up our camera and captured the moment. I thought of the little larva inside her cocoon taking huge effort to get out. It comes out so beautiful as a butterfly. In the end, this effort makes the butterfly stronger to continue its life cicle. This “Passion to Win” (one of our corporate values) perfectly matched the situation at our plant. Here in Camaçari we have the “Paixão por Vencer” just like little butterflies.

For me, this photo represents our way to become the best place to work in Brazil.

Gabriela Lima

Gabriela Lima

Intern at Conti Camaçari, enthusiastic of life, I love people. They are the most interesting thing in the world. Life brought me to Conti and here, working on Internal Communications, I can develop many inniciatives together with all areas. If you want to share experiences, let me know! I believe that giving love is the best way to receive it. Let's celebrate the opportunity of living together!

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2 thoughts on “What a Butterfly and the Plant in Camacari have in common

  1. Olá, sou da Veyance Technologies do Brasil, agora somos Contitech também é espero conhecer boas pessoas nesta empresa que tenho certeza ser uma ótima oportunidade para minha vida.
    obrigado a todos.

    1. Hi Márcio, good to hear that you are looking forward to working with us! If you would like to become the first blogger of Veyance on this blog we would love to welcome you! Just leave a comment, Pia

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