And the award goes to … This phrase usually causes butterflies in our stomach and a huge curiosity to discover who will be the winner!
Working for Continental for almost 20 years now I had the unspeakable pleasure to receive 5 corporate awards in my career.

The first Gold I received at the beginning of my career within a program called “Healthy Life”: a training that makes the difference in our employees’ lifes, focusing mainly in work life balance.

Me proudly holding the “trophy” in the picture
Me proudly holding the “trophy” in the picture

The second and third Gold I can define as the most relevant for me – “Formare – A School for Life”. This social program provided teenagers coming from poor families one year of Schooling inside Continental, learning about technical and behavioral issues. Formare was so amazing that it deserved 2 gold awards: Automotive and Our Basics (an award dedicated to our core values).

The forth award was 2 years ago: as a member of the Employer Branding team I received the gold due to the introduction of our New Employer Brand (“Let your ideas shape the future”).

And this year we were awarded once more (silver this time) with the Outplacement Program that supports released employees finding a new job.

But what really makes me happy is that all these awards are related to people! So maybe the best way to describe my feelings is through this little story that I told during the Executive Convention in Prague that I attended thanks to Formare:

“A fisherman was walking along the beach throwing back into the ocean all stranded starfish he saw. Another man seeing the fisherman’ efforts said “Hey man, there are millions of starfishes on the sand you will never be able to save them all”. Picking up another starfish and tossing it back into the water the fisherman replied “I know it is impossible to save them all, but for this particular one, I will have made all the difference””.

Valeria Pellizzer

Valeria Pellizzer

Married, 42 years old, graduated in Psychology and the most relevant value is "passion to win".

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