I’ve joined Market Controlling – Tires India team in August 2014. During my tenure as an APAC Trainee I had a trainee mentor. Therefore my current boss, Ravish Mittal, is my first “real” boss. It happens that in less than 6 months after joining the team, Ravish is leaving for the next leg of his professional journey as a controller BR APAC Truck Tire.

Ravish n Rahul

I’m sure a lot of exciting challenges and opportunities await him in his new role. But before that, here’s saying a little thank you by recalling all that I learnt in the less than six months I’ve worked with him.

The most obvious learning is in the area of his functional expertise, Financial Controlling. However, I try to put in words what I observed in him as manager, boss, mentor and responsible employee.

Emphasizing the method

In the period that I’ve closely worked with him, I’ve observed that in every problem being solved or in every analysis being carried about, he emphasizes as much on the method as on the outcome. He is leaving a traceable logical sequence from the assumptions to the conclusions.

Being attentive to detail

Often due to a perfectly justifiable necessity to look at the big picture, there is a human tendency to ignore the little details. From Ravish, I’ve learnt that it is possible and essential to simultaneously

  • have a referential big picture at the back of one’s mind
  • and also focus on the minor details.

Being receptive to information from every possible source

Information is often incomplete when heard from a single stakeholder. This effect is pronounced in a setup like our organization where every activity has multiple audiences, and every decision has implications for multiple stakeholders. Ravish understands this reality intuitively. He is willing to listen to information from every source before choosing to consider it into the plan or discard it.

Mentoring a subordinate

As much as I’m thankful to Ravish for being an able guru in Controlling function, I must also acknowledge him for showing the right way to groom another person in a technically deep domain. It only makes it harder that I have a natural tendency to ask a lot of questions. Ravish has always been willing to spend time with me to make sure there is conceptual clarity before I get into activities, and patient enough to take all my questions.

Willing to be accountable

I’ve also learnt that responsibilities go to the person who is willing to be responsible, and not shying at accountability. To the person who is willing to stand up and say that the buck stops with him, and that he is answerable to consequences.

Being humble, always

The Ravish who is firm with quality and deadlines at work miraculously transforms into a mind mannered individual when talking about personal life. Suddenly, he stops appearing like a boss! The reach of his humility was felt most when he was willing to travel by subway with me and teammate Abhishek on a particular occasion. He definitely set a personal example for us, by doing so!

Here’s wishing him all the very best once again for his next work assignment and beyond!


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A former APAC Management Trainee, Rahul is currently working in the Market Controlling - Tires India team. He writes here because this blog is at the cross-section of his work time and one of his favorite passions - writing.

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