Do you force bloggers to write good things about Continental? Do you publish everything people blog about? Are the bloggers real employees of Continental? What motivates them to write on People@Continental?

Since I receive many questions about this blog I wanna share the answers with all of you. When I was met with disbelief for the first time I got a bit confused. For me it is totally clear that users recognize fake reading the first sentences. If you don’t want to tell the truth you should not start a blog. Of course, before starting this blog we thought about what could happen.

Me meeting two other bloggers at an event
Me meeting two other bloggers at an event

Not every employee knows which part of his daily work is confidential due to cost or innovations. That’s why we check every article quickly before it goes online. We don’t want to leave our bloggers alone with this responsibility. Needless to say that it is also possible to write about something you don’t like about Continental. Since this is a platform that should help people outside of Continental to see what it is like to work here the bloggers prefer to write about things they are proud of or challenges they face.

We are a proud community of around 80 bloggers (yes, real employees of Continental) and each and every one of them came by choice. The motivation is different. Some told me that they were missing specific information when they were applying for Continental and want to close the gap. Others told me that writing is their hobby. And another one (an engineer) was searching for a new challenge and chose writing because that’s something totally different from his daily work.

We are always happy for more colleagues from one of our 49 countries joining us, no matter which motivation.

Pia Stender

I work for Continental since mid of july 2013. It´s my job and my pleasure to keep all interested users informed about career-tasks at Continental on our website, on facebook or other online media. Here I´m writing as an employee with work experience.

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