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In 2014, next to my regular projects (such as DFB-Pokal) I was also in charge of the FIFA world cup event (customer events and the end-consumer sweepstake campaign, which included a stay in Rio de Janeiro) for the German market. My job was to make sure that over 1000 customers and 60 end-consumers were able to participate in the world cup event together with Continental. I built a team along with three other co-workers, which ended up being a very heterogeneous team: From event manager with several years of experience to interns – we were able to rely and draw on different, individual strengths and use these in our planning accordingly. There was a lot that had to be taken care of, starting with the conceptual design of a campaign and ending with sending out the invitations.Rio We wanted to give a face to the world cup 2014 and implement the planning professionally, but it was quite difficult sometimes. During these difficult times it always helped to work in such a great team and being able to rely on team work. This is why I never had the feeling to be left alone with the responsibilities and challenges, but instead I felt like I was supported by everyone. During the world cup I accompanied a group of end-consumers, who had each won a trip to Rio through Continental, and was able to experience firsthand what we had planned during meetings and with excel sheets in Hanover for several months. The emotions I felt, which were not only caused by the soccer matches but especially by the reactions of the end-consumers, are a fantastic feedback.

baden3In general, the collaboration of our team has led to us learning the importance of being able to rely on each other – which was true in our case. Moreover, I would consider myself as someone who is curious to learn more. What I like about Continental is the open communication between people. Especially in the context of the world cup and thus the ability to talk to international colleagues, I was able to have many conversations with colleagues from different units with whom I have exchanged experiences. Through personal conversations, one is also able to get a glimpse behind the mere description of a job.

The preparations for the UEFA EURO 2016 are currently underway. On top, the DFB-Pokal and Bundesliga season are going to start in August and we are participating at the forefront again. This is also why I am communicating with other colleagues. We are trying to exchange our experiences and future projects with each other to receive more feedback and ideas. In mid-July, we will meet up personally in London.

Starting this autumn, we will be working with the core team in order to plan the end-consumer and customer events in France. I am very lucky, as I am able to choose the participants of the team myself and generally enjoy a lot of trust. Funnily, many times a team composes itself. Events like these are often very attractive, so that colleagues often gladly offer their help. Next to event managers, I also like to have younger colleagues and interns in my team. Many years of experience and fresh ideas are a great mix – the mix is what makes it special.

Alexander Baden

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