I’m Marvin, a 25 years old engineer working for ContiTech in Hanover Stöcken, Germany. During my work study program for Mechanical Engineering in 2015, two fellow students and me were given the opportunity to do an internship on the Uvalde Proving Grounds. It’s a tire test track located 90 miles west of San Antonio, Texas. And that’s what I want to give you an insight into today.

The people in Texas are great. On the one hand, they work hard and with an impressive passion, on the job as well as at home for the well-being of their families. On the other hand, they shape their life in a calm and pleasant way that is and should be an example for the performance-driven culture we know from Europe.

At work our task was to design and implement an electro-hydraulic braking system prototype in trailer-based tire-braking-performance-tests. We experienced great support in any kind of way regarding any questions that possibly occured. The solidarity and determination of our colleagues infected us with drive to achieve the optimum result using our time as effective as possible.

Apart from that, when we left work and the sun slowly began to settle down, life in general slowed down in a way that we never experienced before. We used to sit down at the river with a cold beer, start a barbecue on the ranch we lived on, or take a ride down the Highway to the Garner State Park, watching millions of stars filling the sky from the top of a mountain. “Stress” was a word that Texans leave behind, and words like “hospitality” or “solidarity” become even more significant.

In conclusion, my internship in Texas helped me grow remarkable in expertise as well as in personality. This time inspired me so mighty, that since 2015 I visited my friends in the little town Uvalde, southwest Texas, every single year! And there are many more trips to come!

Don’t hesitate to go for a working trip abroad. It’s not a risk. It’s a chance to enhance your view of life. So take it!



Work study program for mechanical Engineering from 2012 - 2016. Today Industrial Engineering ContiTech Vibration Control.

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