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Continental employs around 245,000 people in 60 countries and markets, all working to provide smart, connected mobility – and make it safe, easy-to-use, sustainable and clean. People who are passionate about sharing their ideas, creating new products, igniting change and showing initiative to reach their goals. People who work together across sites and countries to bring trailblazing projects to fruition. People who know they are part of a global team. Because no one shapes the future alone.

Since the world first started turning, it has been in a state of change. And digitalization has made things spin even faster. Products and services are changing and new business models are being created – around the clock, across borders. We want to be part of this process. Because we know the importance of leveraging – and driving – the opportunities opened up by these developments.
To meet this goal, we need a change in mentality, more openness, and the courage to strike out along new paths. Our Future Work initiative gives us the roadmap we need to take us there. It consists of the following four areas:

  • Diversity: Employees with a wide range of skills, experience, and perspectives join forces to forge new ideas, solutions, and innovations.
  • Leadership: We unite creative interdisciplinary work, flat hierarchies, positive feedback, and a culture that tolerates mistakes to create an inspiring working environment.
  • Flexibility: Mobile working, part-time and flexi-time hours, and sabbaticals allow us to offer flexible working conditions to our employees around the world.
  • Learning: Comprehensive, tailored professional development and talent management programs prepare our employees for digitalization and its rapid innovation cycles.

More information you will find here.

Pia Stender

Pia Stender

I work for Continental since mid of july 2013. It´s my job and my pleasure to keep all interested users informed about career-tasks at Continental on our website, on facebook or other online media. Here I´m writing as an employee with work experience.

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4 thoughts on “Why Work For Continental?

  1. Hola a todos

    Me gustaría leer todo acerca de job awareness, me podrían compartir alguna liga para leer acerca de esta politica.

    1. Hello Oscar,
      our colleagues from all over the world talk in some of the articles about career awareness.
      If you want to find out more about the opportunities, please visit the link and filter for your job of interest.
      Julian, Continental Career Team

  2. Hey Continental, ich mache zurzeit eine Ausbildung bei ihnen als Verfahrensmechaniker und hatte am vergangenen Mittwoch eine Werksführung in Korbach und bin spontan dazu gekommen eine Idee für uns zu finden die Continental vielleicht fehlt von Sprüchen her. Ich weiss jetzt nicht ob die gut oder schlecht ist würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir eine Antwort schreibt, wenn die wirklich gut wäre dann würde ich das meinen Ausbildern mitteilen, und zwar da Continental mit Reifen zutun hat bin ich dazu gekommen, dass Arbeiter innerhalb der Conti (innerhalb der Arbeit) genauso sein sollen wie ein Reifen. Ein Reifen ist durchgehend am arbeiten während das Auto fährt. Genauso soll der Mensch sein in Conti und ausserhalb Conti ist es egal. Also der Mensch soll sich ein Beispiel an einem Reifen nehmen.

    1. Hallo Koray, danke für deinen Kommentar. Diesbezüglich haben wir dir schön persönlich bei Instagram geantwortet.
      Leonie, Continental Career Team

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