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My first job at Continental, eight years after that excitement

I could and will never forget how my heart leapt with joy. That was how exciting my first day at work was. I had done by very best to enter the gates of Continental, and I had earned it, finally. Eight years have since passed. Still I come to work every day with fluttering joy. This may sound like exaggeration, but the chance and opportunity to initiate change or improve is always a source of fun.

Me with the CIM award
Me with the CIM award

I spent 5 years as a quality engineer, and my job was to discover problems and ways to improve in order to further enhance quality. Then I moved to the team of Continental Business System (CBS), where I am now. Here I can participate in diverse activities from plant strategy, management of SAP manufacturing modules (ERP system) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the modeling and implementation of management systems that are needed in terms of production and quality. This environment is perhaps the best trait of Continental. An environment where I can contribute to the company in any way that I can.

CIM (Continental Idea Management), another challenge

This August, I was given a new task. Until then, my area was confined to production facilities. The CIM activities, however, has to be managed company-wide. CIM is short for Continental Idea Management, and simply put, it is a kind of suggestion. The CIM manager of each factory in every single country has the responsibility of facilitating the suggestions of employees all over the company. Suggestions can range from simple ones to 5S activities or cost reduction. They play a large role in deriving creativity from employees, and involving them in continuous improvements of their daily work. This further contributes to corporate governance reform.

Personal suggestions are part of our corporate culture, and culture cannot be formed overnight. Employees must be continuously encouraged and managed to voluntarily participate, and rewards of some form must follow, according to clear-cut standards. Such a sustained cycle is crucial for the success in my opinion.

1st place of CIM

In terms of CIM, our location at Icheon is active in different kinds of idea management activities for about 15 years now. We have won 1st place in the internal CIM award for 10 times in a row, among the 317 locations of Continental in 53 countries. This is all thanks to the executives’ acknowledgement of how important the ideas of our employees are. This would be the impetus behind our success as a top location, if there were to be any. I would like to foster this culture and tradition, and contribute to more mature suggestion activities in terms of quality, based on my personal capacities such as systematic approach and in-depth data analysis. My plans are, for instance, deriving the right directions through providing insightful analysis, and facilitating goal management by effective visualization and communication with business intelligence).


Learn more about Idea Management at Continental on our website.

Jaegoo Kim

I am working at Icheon branch, South Korea. I am honored to be given a chance to run my story. I majored mechanical engineering as an undergraduate, and continued my studies in industrial engineering as a graduate to learn about algorithm, data structure, geometrics, and programming. My thesis was on bioinformatics. I started my career in the quality division, and now I am conducting various improvement activities including Plant data and computer management in the Continental Business System (CBS) team. My life at Continental has been a blessing. The world is now buzzing about the 4th generation manufacturing revolution, namely Industry 4.0 and Smart factory – I hope to contribute to the company as a data scientist based on my academic and hands-on knowledge.

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3 thoughts on “Working in Idea Management – A Whole New Challenge

  1. You had me right at the end with “This is all thanks to the executives’ acknowledgement of how important the ideas of our employees are”. This is so unbelievably true, from our point of view as well… and I’m glad many other organizations recognizes the importance of it.

    1. Thank you for your comments. I am not sure that your business is relative to Continental, but idea suggestion would be like culture in companies. So Executives’ mind is very important.

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